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Federal incorporation Name Pre-Approval

Are you incorporating a Federal corporation? Have you obtained your Federally-biased NUANS® report and are ready to proceed with incorporation?

Before you can incorporate a Federal corporation, you must obtain approval of your proposed name from Corporations Canada. In order to cut through the red tape and expedite the process, Dye & Durham has developed a simple and concise questionnaire based on Industry Canada’s standardized approval process. Simply answer all of the questions that apply, supply any additional information required and submit. The Examiners at Corporations Canada will immediately receive your request for name approval and will contact you by email upon completion.

Submit your Federal corporate name for pre-approval to:

Use your credit card to order a Federal Name Pre-Approval
$27.75 + tax

NOTE: NUANS® Report obtained through eCore is required to proceed with Federal Name Pre-Approval

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