Ontario Incorporation Services

Dye & Durham is a Service Provider under contract with Ontario's Ministry of Government Services to provide electronic corporate and business name services to the legal community and the general public. Our incorporation services offer you a streamlined form completion process that can be easily completed in minutes from the comfort of your home or office.

Use ecore’s Ontario Incorporation services to:

  • Draft your filing information online
  • Save time by using a prepared set of incorporation documents
  • Validate your filing information to prevent unsuccessful filings
  • Print a draft for review before submitting
  • Submit your Articles of Incorporation under the Ontario Business Corporations Act to Ontario's Ministry of Government Services
  • Receive your Certificate of Incorporation in PDF format within minutes of filing
Use your credit card to order an Ontario incorporation

Dye & Durham is pleased to offer you all of the following services for your new Ontario corporation:

IACA Award

Along with the Ministry of Government Services, Dye & Durham was the proud co-recipient of the coveted International Association of Corporation Administrators (IACA) Award in 2001 for the Electronic Incorporations Initiative, which made Ontario the first jurisdiction in the world to offer a true end-to-end electronic incorporation solution with no manual intervention.

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