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Annual Return

Ontario corporations must file an Annual Return within six months after the end of each tax year under the Corporations Information Act. View more info on Annual Return filing requirements.

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Annual Return - $232.85 + tax

Order an Annual Return filing under the Corporations Information Act.
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eCore’s Annual Return application offers:

  • Ease of use for all levels of users
  • Real-time filing
  • Confirmation available upon completion of filing
  • Updated profile report effective immediately
  • Streamlined form completion process
  • Error-checking and validation features
  • Ability to view your existing records making it easier to add or remove information
  • Ability to complete and save your work for filing at a later time
  • Ability to print a draft copy of your prepared document
  • Availability of draft copy and confirmation of filing in pdf format

Ontario Corporation Types

AOntario Business Corporation
BOntario Non-Profit Corporation
CCredit Union
FOntario Social Club with share
GOntario Social Club without share
HCo-operative without share capital
JCo-operative with share capital
KExtra-Provincial foreign corporation with share
MCondominium Corporation
PA corporation subject to the provisions of the Loan and Trust Corporations Act
RFederal Corporation with share
SFederal Corporation without share
TForeign Insurer
UExtra-provincial foreign without share
WAgencies, Boards, Commissions
XExtra-provincial domestic without share
YExtra-provincial domestic with share
ZNon-filers (exempt under the Corporations Information Act)