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Incorporate using a pre-defined sample ORDER NOW
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+ $200 Govt Fee
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Understanding the Pre-Defined Sample

For your convenience, ecore is pleased to provide you with the option of purchasing a completed set of Articles of Incorporation. The pre-defined Articles of Incorporation include standard legal precedents compliant with the Canada Business Corporations Act.

When you choose this option, you only need to supply variable data such as the corporate name, address, director and incorporator’s name(s) and address(es). The relevant precedents will be populated in the appropriate sections based on your selection from the 2 types of corporate structures offered. You may still edit the pre-defined data if required.

Two templates are available – simply select the option that matches your corporate structure:

  • Common shares only
  • Two classes of shares

(If your corporate structure does not fall into one of the above categories, or if you wish to use your own custom precedents, please selection the option “My own data”.)


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Did you know
* A NUANS® report dated no more than 90 days is mandatory for Federal incorporations (does not apply to corporations with numbered names).

* A business corporation must include a legal element in its name.

* The name for a Federal corporation must be approved by Corporations Canada.

* A non-offering corporation must have at least one director.

* A business corporation must issue shares.

* A Federal corporation must have a registered office located in Canada.

* A corporation is required to maintain a minute book.

* A Federal business corporation must file its annual return (Form 22) within 6 months of its taxation year-end.

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