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* Recommended prior to obtaining a NUANS® Report

Note: NUANS® Report not included
Perform an in-depth search of multiple Government and other sources to pre-screen the company name I wish to use.

Includes an advanced NUANS® Pre-Search and provides information missing from the NUANS® system: BC firm names, PQ company names, U.S. trademarks, Internet domain names, and unregistered business names.

The NUANS® Report, a requirement for incorporating a named company, must be ordered separately (see below).
ORDER NOW $49.00 + tax

3 Basic
Do a quick scan of the NUANS® database to locate business names on record. ORDER NOW $21 + tax

NUANS® Report

* Mandatory for incorporating
a named company
Order a NUANS® Report, a requirement for incorporating a named company under the Canada Business Corporations Act. ORDER NOW $110.65 + tax

Federal Incorporation

* Recommended
Obtain a Federal Name Pre-Approval for the Name I plan to Federally Incorporate.

Prerequisite: You must first obtain a NUANS® Report from ecore (see above).
ORDER NOW $21.00 + tax

I have already purchased my NUANS® Report and I'm ready to incorporate my named company. Incorporate

Understanding Name Availability Searching

Before you incorporate a named company under the Canada Business Corporations Act, you must make sure that your desired company name is available for registration.

1. Pre-screen your name first

We recommend that you begin with a Comprehensive Pre-Search™, which includes the standard NUANS® Pre-Search for coverage of almost all jurisdictions in Canada. The Comprehensive Pre-Search™ also covers the gaps that exist when you search just the NUANS® system - Quebec names, British Columbia firm names, U.S. trademarks, Domain Names, phone and business directory listings and press clippings from financial news sources.

2. Purchase a mandatory NUANS® report

Once you have a successfully pre-screened your name, you must obtain a NUANS® report which is mandatory for incorporation under the Canada Business Corporations Act. The NUANS® report is valid for 90 days but does not necessarily mean it is available for incorporation. Our team of examiners provides a quality check and analysis for every NUANS® report. Recommendations are based on a careful examination of the findings displayed on the NUANS® report and interpretation of Government regulations. Recommendations offered by Dye & Durham do not affect the availability of a name and they are offered without liability or risk to assist our clients.

3. Obtain Federal Government pre-approval

Finally, we recommend that you use the Federal Name Pre-Approval form to obtain a formal decision on name availability from Corporations Canada. Under the Canada Business Corporations Act, Corporations Canada must approve and then reserve your proposed corporate name. Our Pre-Approval Request form is designed specifically for the requirements of Corporations Canada's examiners and will save you time and effort.

Now you're ready to incorporate!

Clock  Hours of Operation

Comprehensive Pre-Search™
Monday – Saturday:  9:00 am to 11:59 pm EST

Basic Pre-Search

24 hour availability

Monday – Friday:  8:00 am to 5:30 pm EST (excluding statutory holidays)
Results available in approx 60 minutes. Requests submitted after 5:00 pm will be processed on the following business day.

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