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eCore offers several name search, name availability, and name reservation options, to meet your individual needs. Dye & Durham’s management - recognized leaders in the Name Search / Search House industry since 1978 - offers over 36 years of experience in providing quality name search services.

Business Name Services

Name Availability - $64.70 + tax

You've decided on a catchy name for your business/trademark, and you want to know if it's available. eCore's Comprehensive Pre-Search™ provides you with results from the Government and other sources that matter.

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Name Reservation (NUANS® Report) - $146.00 + tax

You've completed a Comprehensive Pre-Search™ and you're confident that the name you want is available for registration. You're ready to reserve it by ordering a NUANS® Report. * Mandatory for named corporations

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Name Verification - $27.90 + tax

You want to do a quick scan of the NUANS® database to identify business names on record. eCore offers you a package of three Basic Pre-Searches.
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Name Monitoring - $64.70 + tax

You've established brand equity for your successful business. Is anyone diluting your brand by operating under a similar name? Find out with a Comprehensive Pre-Search™. Comprehensive Pre-Search »
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Locating a Business - $64.70 + tax

You're having difficulty locating a business (e.g. for litigation) because it's not registered in the official public record. eCore's Comprehensive Pre-Search™ includes results from sources that almost every business would list.
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Pre-Approval - $27.75 + tax

You're about to incorporate a Federal company in Canada. A Federal Incorporation Name Pre-Approval will expedite Industry Canada's name approval process.

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