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  • For information on an Ontario corporation or (unincorporated) business name, select Ontario above. Ontario company records are registered by type of entity formation type - corporations or business name registrations (which include sole proprietorships, partnerships, business/trade/style/operating names)

  • For information on a corporation or business name from another province, select ‘A province other than Ontario’. Searches in Canada's other registration jurisdictions are are available exclusively to eCore members. Click here for more information

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Quick Tips:
* Check that you have the following information (where possible) before you begin your search – correct spelling of the company name, type of registration and jurisdiction.

* Order the information report or certificate of status from the home jurisdiction, unless otherwise required for a specific reason.

Did you know

The following jurisdictions provide electronic access to company information: Canada (federal), British Columbia, Alberta (limited), Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland/Labrador.

The province of Ontario has more corporations and business name registrations than any other jurisdiction in Canada.

A company may be registered in more than one jurisdiction. For example, a corporation may be incorporated in Ontario but registered in other provinces, usually by means of extra-provincial licence.