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Register or Renew a Business Name

Do you need to register/renew a sole proprietorship, general partnership or business name for your corporation under the Ontario Business Names Act?

As a Service Provider under contract with Ontario's Ministry of Government Services, Dye & Durham's eCore is pleased to offer you all of the above services. Our easy-to-follow module guides you through the process and provides numerous error-checking and validation features before registration takes place. Use our Comprehensive Pre-Search™ to pre-check your business name.

eCore's business name registration module requires only a few simple steps and you will receive your Master Business Licence immediately upon registration (does not apply to renewals).

Note: If your business name's Business Location is outside Ontario, it cannot be registered electronically using this service. Contact us for more information.

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Business Name Registration - $159.80 + tax + $60 Govt Fee

For new businesses.
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Business Name Renewal - $159.80 + tax + $60 Govt Fee

For existing businesses.
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eCore's business name registration module offers all of these features:

  • Ease of use for all levels of users
  • Detailed instructions
  • Live help
  • Numerous built-in error-checking and validation processes
  • Ability save your work for submission at a later time
  • Draft copy for printing before filing
  • Registration in real time

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:40 pm EST
(excluding statutory holidays)

eCore is pleased to offer you all of the following services for your Ontario business name registration: