Incorporate a Company

Dye & Durham’s ecore offers incorporation services for Ontario and Canada.

Choose jurisdiction for incorporation:

Provincial (Ontario)

Federal (Canada)

Some Differences Between Ontario and Federal Incorporation:


Some advantages of incorporating under the Ontario Business Corporations Act are:

  • Name selection is self-policing
  • Name only needs to be available under Ontario laws
  • Faster incorporation turnaround time (real time available)
  • No government fee for Form 1 filings under the Corporations Information Act (Initial Return, Notice of Change, and Annual Return)

Some advantages of incorporating under the Canada Business Corporations Act are:

  • Name decision by government examiners based on availability across Canada
  • Enhanced name protection
  • Increased global recognition of deferral charter
  • Ability to register in every province
  • Lower government incorporation fee

Some disadvantages include:

  • Higher government incorporation fee

Some disadvantages are:

  • Finding an available name is more difficult
  • Name decision made by government examiners
  • Longer processing time (1-2 days)
  • Government fees associated with annual filings


The information contained in this section is of a general nature only. Dye & Durham Corporation does not provide legal advice or counseling. For further assistance or legal information, please consult a lawyer.

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